2016 beady to do list part 2 – tutorials

So here we are again – next on the list some pieces which I’ve started the tutorials for:

Oscar’s Bauble

This is a variant on Oscar’s Rattle, which was my winter piece for the 2014 Stitch N Craft Challenge, and I think I’d started work on the instructions in late 2014 but abandoned them as it got too close to Christmas, thinking I’d get them done ready to launch in Sept 2015.  I didn’t, so it would be nice to get this done in time for Christmas 2016.

Oscar's Bauble - Sarah Cryer Beadwork


Art Deco Needle Case

From my 2013 Stitch n Craft Challenge Chatelaine.  I think I even started buying supplies for the materials packs for this one!  This is the one I’m going to publish next, and the aim is to do it by the end of Feb.

Art Deco Needle Case - Sarah Cryer Beadwork

Triangles Bracelet

Not so sure about this one, it has many features that I’m proud of (such as the counter sunk catches in the second version), and I love the rounded spars of the hollow triangles.  I think this one may be changed to become part of a series of hollow geometrics, as I made a whole series of shapes a long while back which I’d like to write up and publish – to be honest the 3D ones maybe more interesting and unusual than this one?


And another pieces which I think would work as a tutorial with a bit of tweaking:


This was initially started for an Etsy Beadweavers Challenge with the theme ‘Game of Thrones’, but wasn’t done in time, and although I’m pleased with the design, the execution was flawed (mainly because I used too light a thread) so it wasn’t suitable for sale in this incarnation.  It’s all 15 seeds, so not for the faint hearted but will I think evolve into a tutorial as it’s a nice wearable piece and useful for those looking to improve their CRAW and add some new CRAW shapes.  It includes slightly tricky steps (such as splitting the CRAW), but I think if I work on them a bit more I can come up with some teachable thread paths.  Perhaps I’ll do my working out in 8s rather than 15s though……

CRAW Ring - Sarah Cryer Beadwork

My 2016 beady to do list

After my obligatory blogger’s 2015 review, here’s my equally obligatory 2016 look ahead!  Thank you to my sister Susie for the apposite mug – it is sadly true as I spend a worrying amount of time thinking about what I want to bead.  This is probably because I have so little time to actually bead, so this year I want to make a plan and sort of stick to it, so I can always have something on hand ready to work on (rather than sitting around waiting for inspiration to strike because I’ve forgotten that really good idea I had three months ago).

So to begin, the projects I started in 2014 and didn’t touch in 2015 – the dreaded ‘unfinished but not quite a UFO yet’ box.

Planned for me to wear at my friend Jane’s wedding in the smartest venue imaginable.  Abandoned when I decided the dress was too short for said venue.  This was going to be a series of arches to mirror the digital print of the Ted Baker dress, and I think I’ll continue trying to work it out as it’s a lovely dress.  That said, when I pulled the bits so far to take a snap I wasn’t very impressed…….so for now this is back in the ‘maybe’ pile.

Arches - in progress - Sarah Cryer Beadwork

Planned for me to wear at same  wedding with smarter outfit, just as a simple short necklace.   Abandoned when I realised said outfit now too small.  I have plans to turn this into a shoulder covering cape of bezelled stones, connected by a cobweb of antique gold 3mm fire polished beads, but it could take a while to bezel enough stones for that!  The stones are a mix of vintage and new Swarovski, and were a very good exercise in working up similar bezels in lots of shapes and sizes. I’m a lot more confident in this one though, so it’s high up the list to actually do.  It would be a good holiday project as I’d only need the gold beads and chatons (not my normal case full of random pulls).

Sapphires & Gold - in progress - Sarah Cryer Beadwork

These are a variant on Jean Power’s Geometric Secret vessels – only with triangles instead of hexagons.  They’re lovely shaped things, but the one in 15 delicas (at the front) is rather more succesful than the one in 11s as it holds it’s shape, but I’ve never quite known what to do with it as a triangle is not a very wearable shape – it sticks out rather.  It could make a nice pendant hanging below a suitable bosom I suppose?  Not sure what to do with the other one?  Back on the ‘maybe’ pile.

Stepped triangles - Sarah Cryer Beadwork

This one may not make it – I was playing with twin beads to make a flat weave, but I’ve run out of the twins and can’t remember where I got them.  Luckily I do in theory log all my purchases (so I can cost up work/kits), so I should be able to work it out.  If I finish this it will have a long or box clasp and sit as a snug cuff, and I’d like to as it is my colour.  I’d say there is no more than an hour’s beading left to do once I’ve sourced the beads, so stays on the ‘to do’ pile.

Cuff - in progress - Sarah Cryer Beadwork

Maybe I should have included a section on ‘pieces where I’ve run out of beads’ – this one qualifies as well……..it will be a necklace once I’ve worked out how to elegantly extend it to a normal length (or tracked down some more beads).  This would make a nice beginners tutorial as it is super easy, but I think there are already quite a few similar ones around.  On the ‘to do’ pile.

Collar - in progress - Sarah Cryer Beadwork

This is a barely started Jean Power Affinity Bangle – using very cool rubber coated rondelles from my now defunct local bead shop.  I think I have enough to get me through it (I kept buying more in their drawn out closing sale), and I’ve made one before which was a joy, so I want to get going on this soon as the colours are more winter than summer and I think it will be lush!

Affinity Bangle - designed by Jean Power, beaded by Sarah Cryer Beadwork

So, that’s the really old stuff out of the way – just tutorials, last year’s unfinished pile, my long list of unstarted patterns and of course a ‘to try’ inspiration list to go.  This could be the longest set of New Year’s resolutions I’ve written (hopefully I’ll be better at sticking to them than I normally am).  Tune out if you get bored………….