New Cabs

I’ve just listed some lovely new cabs in my Etsy shop – I’m experimenting with listing these in a slightly different way. Each listing contains cabs poured in the same batch, using the same colours, so they compliment each other perfectly, and you can select one or more from the same batch by selecting the letter shown next to them in the pictures from the Etsy drop down. Price wise they are the same as they have been, but I’ve added a 5 for 4 offer so you can pretty much buy a set for the same discount as my pre-made sets, but still get to select what to put into the mix in terms of size, pattern, shape etc. The cheapest cabochon of each 5 will be the free one.

Each range is shown below – just click on the picture to open up the listing in Etsy. Prices range from £1 for the smallest teardrops to £5 for the huge 50mm rounds – all are completely unique (I couldn’t make another one the same even if I wanted to as the paints behave different every single time!).

Etsy can’t process the 5 for 4 at checkout, so I’ll be refunding it after purchase (when I pack up your order for despatch) – it’s also worth knowing that I’ve set the cabochons up so they are zero postage when bought with any other physical item from my shop (so you effectively only pay postage for the first item). Please note that the 5 for 4 offer, and free additional item postage only apply to the cabochons, not to my Materials Packs or finished beadwork.