Birthday beaded bead update

Well my quick and easy necklace didn’t turn out to be quite so quick in the end. I pressed out the pleats in the shibori ribbon a bit as planned, but it still didn’t look right just simply knotted and draped. So I decided to add a clasp, which meant end caps as well:

The ring is an adaptation of Sabine Lippert’s Bling Ring, and the end caps and toggle bar I made up myself using embellished RAW. I’ve left one end unfinished for now so that Mummy can choose the final length herself. It’s all packed up in a nice box with the beads I’ll need to complete it plus needle and thread in a little bag, so I can get it finished when she is ready to decide.


She seems to like it, and also enjoyed her traditional annual birthday day out with the family at Kew Gardens, and then tea, cake, and finally fizz chez nous. The new Barefoot Walk at Kew was particularly fun, especially when number one son got stuck in calf deep mud – such a lovely experience that I couldn’t be cross when he then fell over.

Size matters

I found some wonderfully wierd rondelles in my local bead shop.  They’re rondelles, but have a strange matt rubbery coating, rather like ‘soft touch’.  The colours are very vivid, and they make a lovely change from conventional crystals.  I’m using them for a bangle I’ve made before – Jean Power’s Affinity Bangle, but having made a couple of samples I can’t quite decide which size of seed beads to use.  She suggests 11s and 8s, so I started with those in a matte black using the fuschia rondelles.  But they seem a bit small, so I’ve also tried 8s and 6s in copper with the lime rondelles.  But they seem too big.  It could well be that  the colours and finishes are affecting the appearance – the matte black beads shrinking away and the coppers shining and seeming larger than life, but the trouble with beading is that it takes so long to complete a piece that you don’t want to spend time until you’re happy.  Dearest husband thinks stick with the black, which is good as I have the beads already (always helps), but the 8s and 6s will make a gloriously chunky piece (very Suzanne Golden).  Ah well, I need to knuckle down and get on with ‘Spring’ so I shall put them aside for now and get on.


I’m normally quite a together, decisive kind of person, but there is something about beading which makes me dither.  Sometimes I spend longer looking through my stash (or thinking about buying yet more beads) than I do on a finished piece, so this blog is an attempt to get over that.  I’m going to try to dive into my work, to document my ideas and decisions, and just damm well get on with it.

This will undoubtedly be thwarted pretty much immediately by a number of things.  The first – two small boys.  One aged 4 years (hereafter known as boy number 1) and one aged 6 months (boy number 2).  Boy number 2 is the reason I’m on maternity leave for a while longer, boy number 1 is the reason I won’t get anything done ever again.  He currently has chicken pox, which on the positive side has given me the time to get this blog going (as we should actually be abroad on holiday at the moment, not sitting on the sofa trying not to scratch).  The second is a fear of waste – I can’t bear to use beads or spend time on something which won’t be perfect.  There is always a ‘what if’ – what if I used that colour I don’t have so need to buy so must wait for it to arrive, what if I use an inelegant thread path, what if I can’t repeat things, what if it all unravels and falls apart aargh.   So I will have to grit my teeth and get over it.  Or maybe just re-organise my stash again, that always makes me feel better.

However, I should admit now that things haven’t started well – it took me a month to choose a blog name.  It was only when I realised that I was dithering that inspiration struck and the name was born.