A year in beads

I’m sorry I’ve been a bit quiet here lately – Christmas is rather a busy time in our house and we’ve had quite a few concerts and other seasonal events, plus of course the extra work and activities which having children bring.  I’ve managed to find some time to bead, but sadly not much time to blog, so apologies.  I will endeavour to do better in 2016 (more about that tomorrow).

Anyway, as is the fashion in the blogsphere at this time of year, I thought it would be nice (and also quite useful) to have a look through all of the pieces I’ve finished this year.  I did start writing out a long spiel about success, failure, regrets, plans, but although it’s probably a useful exercise for me, it’s a bit dull for you (you know what Ive been doing, I blog about it for heavens sake).  So instead here is a gallery containing every single finished piece from 2015, even the ones which didn’t make it into this blog or onto Facebook because they were pants or a secret.  It has made me feel better about the amount I’ve beaded (even if there are quite a lot of beaded beads, and not as many big pieces as there ought to be), and the quality of the finished work is reassuring!

Enjoy, and see you in 2016!


Author: theindecisivebeader

Blogging from the outskirts of London about beadweaving and life in general.

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