Space Needle Case Tutorial

So I’ve finally finished a new tutorial.  It’s been a long time in coming – it’s the needle case from the Chatelaine I made for a Stitch n Craft challenge several years ago, and whilst my Baroque Tape Measure Surround has been available for a while now, it’s taken ages to get this one done.  That’s not because it’s tricky, or complicated, more because I’ve not until recently managed a really concentrated period of work to get it done, so I’ve ended up reworking more than I really needed to.  Anyway, I’m really happy that it’s done (and all of that rework has simplified some of the stitch paths and dealt with some tension pitfalls), so here it is:


It uses those standard wooden needle cases you can get for making peyote tubular wraps, but has a twist – it uses RAW to cover the case, so it shows through the finished piece, so must be coloured to match (or contrast), and then the ends and opening are built out to form a very solid surround for a 14mm rivoli.  The finished embellished sections with their pointed rivolis reminded me both of flying saucers, and of the Space Needle in Seattle – hence the name.  As part of my Chatelaine it formed one of the more substantial elements alongside my Baroque Tape Measure.

It’s really an intermediate level piece – there are full instructions for completing every step, including the basic RAW sections, and none are particularly tricky, so in theory a relative beginner could follow it, but I would say that you’d need to be confident of an even, controlled tension, and be able to handle beadwork that is fighting back a bit, so if you’re a beginner maybe work on some more basic RAW projects before you buy this one?  It’s not going anywhere anytime soon……

It’s available for instant download from Etsy (EU buyers note VAT will be added on top of the selling price)  or from Payhip (where I can absorb the VAT in the selling price).

And I’ve been super organised, so materials packs containing all of  the beads and crystals you need, plus a pre-coloured needle case are now available for from my Etsy and Folksy shops.  You can choose between a long or a short needle case to suit the types of needles you use, and there are four colourways, available in either length.  Or all of the details of the beads used in those colourways are in the tutorials, so you should be able to recreate them without too much trouble, or even better, design your own!



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