2016 Secret Beadalong – Days 6 & 7

I’m afraid I have a confession to make – I’m not going to be beading days 6 & 7.  I don’t have the quantity required in my choice of mini duo (the Black Picasso), so I would need to order more, but instead I’ve decided to make a braid from some lovely mid grey sari ribbon from YarnYarnYarns, which I blogged about a while back.


I haven’t attached a clasp yet – I’ll probably wrap and neaten off the ends, then add a large popper which can be hidden in the run of beads, to give a lovely tidy finish.  I know it’s naughty, and not sticking to Jean’s design, but to be honest I really love the (almost) finished piece.  Plus I’ve sent her a picture and she likes it anyway!


In the end the beauty of this set of beaded beads is that they can be worn on any necklace or bracelet – singly, in small groups, altogether or whatever you fancy.  So I might make another braid for a bracelet, or maybe a CRAW rope round a wire bangle base?  Or just hang the neutral coloured beads from a silver chain (I made sure made some in just grey and silver) – even I can’t wear magenta every day. And maybe when I’m less busy and more organised I’ll make Jean’s rope………….


Author: theindecisivebeader

Blogging from the outskirts of London about beadweaving and life in general.

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