2016 Secret Beadalong – Beads

Regular readers will know that I was going for a more neutral colour scheme this year.  Clearly the gratuitous use of Neon Violet and other magenta beads means that I’ve failed, but it’s still a quieter and more wearable scheme than last year’s!  Plus it goes with the Penstemon in my ‘hot’ colour schemed flower bed.


Here’s the list of beads I used:

Miyuki 8 seeds – 1051 Dyed Galvanised Silver; 2002 Matte Metallic Silver Grey

Miyuki 11 seeds – 1051 Dyed Galvanised Silver; 2002 Matte Metallic Silver Grey; Black Picasso (after factory coating)

Miyuki 15 seeds – 181 Dyed Galvanised Silver; 2247 Fuchsia Lined Crystal Lustre; 1310 Dyed Transparent Fuchsia

Bricks – Pastel Bordeaux; Black Picasso

Mini-duos – Black Picasso; Neon Violet; Antique Silver

4mm Fire-Polished rounds – Transparent Magenta Lustre; Matte Metallic Gunmetal Matte; Neon Violet

3mm Crystals – Preciosa Crystal Vitrail; Swarovski Crystal Light Chrome

The eagle eyed among you will spot that I didn’t use the various sliperit beads, both etched and not, which I showed you in my post about my pre-prep bead selection.  I did start off with them but the scheme wasn’t hanging together – so I swapped in some silver and I think it works better.  In the end, I think the sliperit works better with warm metallics, which I didn’t have in the shaped beads required, so I’m going to plan something in the future with copper as a base.  I’ve got some lovely after factory Coated Crystal Vintage Copper Miyuki 11s – a slightly matted, muted finish and they will look lovely together with maybe a hint of fuchsia (of course).  Who knows, I might even use them to make another set of this design.


Author: theindecisivebeader

Blogging from the outskirts of London about beadweaving and life in general.

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