Beaded Bead 3

I think this is actually my favourite so far – simple, striking and a great way to understand the geometry of beaded beads.  I used a free tutorial from Spirala Beading called Zuzana, and will be making more just as soon as I can get my grubby hands on some more pinch beads.


90 pinch beads – Matte Watermelon (from Spoilt Rotten Beads)

1g size 8 seeds – 1052 Galvanized Silver (Stitch N Craft)

12 size 15 seeds – 1052 Galvanized Silver (Stitch N Craft)

12 O beads – Haematite (Robins Beads)

A wooden core bead, I’d guess at 20mm but unfortunately didn’t measure it……sorry.

Zuzana by Spirala Beading - beaded by Sarah Cryer Beadwork
Zuzana by Spirala Beading – beaded by Sarah Cryer Beadwork


  • If you have two colours, use them.  If you don’t have two colours, wait until you do.  Whilst it is possible to do this in one colour (I did), it is infinitely simpler if you can see the five beads which surround each 5 pointed star clearly.  By all means switch to a single colour once you’ve had some practice – these are nice & quick to do so it won’t take you long to progress.
  • Hold your nerve – it’s a bit of a floppy mess even with the core bead in, but the simple embellishment suggested pulled everything together perfectly.
  • You may need to try a couple of different sizes of core bead.
  • Once you’re done beading, roll the bead around between your hands a few times.  This will make the trios of pinch beads which need to sit with a flat side against the core bead turn and lock into place, and is much easier than trying to force them round with a needle!

Now I just need an excuse to order some more pinch beads – and guess what, Ivona, who runs Spirala Beading also has a lovely Etsy shop selling lots of fantastic beads, including a huge range of pinch beads – Beads of Bohemia.  What luck!

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2 thoughts on “Beaded Bead 3”

  1. Came across your lovely blog via a Bloglovin’ search for ‘beads’ – and am so pleased that I popped over for a ‘nose’. You’ve been using some beautiful colour combinations and have inspired me to try out some beaded beads!

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